The lady in the back puts the “smooth” in smooth criminal

Which is odder: being nostalgic for something that never truly existed, or years later finding something that fulfills the illusion you longed for all this time? Because god knows for what reason the vibe I get from Oddtaxi, of all things, is an old-school Adult Swim show.

For a programming block that’s turning 20 years old later this year, Adult Swim really should have a better reputation than it currently does, because underneath all the stoner comedies and reruns of Family Guy and Futurama, it has some surprising original shows. Hidden gems like Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and Sealab…

Back Arrow PV 2

Alright, what is this show, and why haven’t I heard of it outside of randomly browsing Funimation’s lineup?

Wait, didn’t you read my first impressions article about it from earlier this year?

… Sure I did. So shouldn’t this be a final impressions article about it?

Well, as it happens, Back Arrow’s not done yet-

Wait, it’s in its second cour?

… Yup.

Is it based on a manga or light novel series?


Then… a revival of an old property?

Not that either.

You mean to tell me this is an anime original series that got two cours right…

Well… that was a year.

There will be an infinite number of things said about 2020, and the year does have a near certainty of going down as a transformative one for probably every entertainment industry in existence. Film has been pushed to a breaking point, for a moment in time the US’s main media export was hip-hop music, and gaming had one of its biggest influxes of new players since a great many people decided to give it a try, as they had nothing better to do while stuck indoors. …

The title for this series is a pun on the Japanese word for “dumbass.”

“Back Arrow,” “baka-yaro.” I feel that this one joke gives a great idea of what this show is shaping up to be: extremely clever idiocy. The highest form of dumb fun. Something you know is stupid, and yet has so much thought and effort put into it that it doesn’t annoy you, instead leaving you amazed (or at the very least puts a massive smile on your face).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, what is this show? Well, we can’t say for sure right…

Okay, from the top of the entries that were ties, to the stuff that just missed out on the top ten!

Previous List:

Tied for 26th Place (11 points each):

Akudama Drive,

Well… we’re still here.

2020 took a lot from us, including our original site. But enough of this community has survived for us to do our annual end of year survey, where the AniTAY community lists what their favorite anime shows and movies of the year were. And even though this is only my second time doing the survey, this proved to be a more interesting go-around than last time, with some people bowing out, some new blood coming in to diversify the results, and old faces returning to take part as well. …

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Well… never thought we’d end up in a place where 2019 feels nostalgic, but here we are. 2019 for me personally was not a great year due to some shitty family issues, but it was the one year where I declined to do a “best of what I missed” list because I somehow managed to stay up to date with enough stuff in 2018 that I just couldn’t find enough stuff to fill it out. So, in terms of engaging with the culture(s), a decent year. 2020, on the other hand… the family stuff’s still there, but that was completely…

Trends come and go, and anime genres are no exception. Tracking the rise and fall of various subgenres over the years can be enlightening in a cultural sense, such as the fall of the mecha genre during the 2010s, or how magical-girl shows have arguably seen a similar (if not greater) decline within the same decade. The biggest success in the 2010s though was probably the isekai genre, which was a genre that was extremely fortuitous to explode in popularity at the same time when streaming revolutionized the entire industry and fandom, and has gone strong until just very recently…


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